About Health-RI

Health-RI is the Dutch non-profit foundation supporting a public private partnership of organizations that want to realize a national health-data infrastructure. More than 70 organizations involved in health research and care endorse our efforts.

Our mission

Build an integrated health data research infrastructure accessible for researchers, citizens and care providers.

Facilitate and foster the optimal use of knowledge, tools, facilities, health data and samples to enable a learning healthcare system and accelerate sustainable and affordable personalized medicine and health.

    How we operate

    The strategy of Health-RI follows three lines of action

    1. Collective action: optimizing the conditions for building and maintaining a national health data infrastructure;

    2. Building a national health data infrastructure: fostering and facilitating initiatives and collaborations directed at developing health data infrastructure;

    3. Providing mature services: supporting researchers and data managers by making infrastructure services, tools and data easy to locate, access and use;
    Action Line 1
    Action Line 2
    Action Line 3
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