Arrow Left Dutch COVID-19 Data Support Programme

Connecting research and health communities

Connecting research efforts will lead to faster results. Health-RI aligns with key stakeholders and gathers commitment towards data-collaboration and policy alliance.

Health-RI connects communities different communities: clinical researchers, physicians, biobankers, data experts and IT experts.  

Health-RI is collaborating with VWS, RIVM, NFU, NvVR, NVZ, STZ, FMS and SURF and has full commitment from partnering organizations such as, ELXIR-NL, DTL, TraIT, Personal Health Train, and the ELSI servicedesk. 

We contribute to international initiatives such as VODAN (Virus Outbreak Data Network), RDA (Research Data Alliance), the Nederlandse AI-Coalitie (Dutch Artificial Intelligence Coalition) and others such as EOSC-Life.

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