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COVID-19 data related initiatives

In alignment with RIVM, VWS, NFU, and all the UMC’s, Health-RI is actively collecting starting and ongoing COVID-19 related initiatives. This will make collaborations easier and prevent fragmentation of research efforts. These are made available to you in two separate overviews.

Data sources for public health and decision making related to the coronavirus and the associated clinical picture, are made available via the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM):

We need your input to provide a comprehensive overview!

Please submit your COVID-19 related initiative by selecting ‘register initiative’ on the overview of COVID-19 initiatives. Your initiative will become visible once approved by the Health-RI team. If your COVID-19 collection encompasses data, samples, images or biobank services, make this findable to other researchers through our dedicated COVID-19 collection entry forms.

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