COVID-19 research webinars

Event 7 May 2020 - 6 July 2020

A series of webinars on FAIR data management tailored to COVID-19 research. To involve data professionals and researchers in making data from COVID-19 research reusable.

The webinars are organised by ZonMw in collaboration with Health-RI, DSCC IN, LCRDM and VODAN.
The primary target group are the data stewards (and other data experts) who support applicants and project leaders of the ZonMw COVID-19 research programme. Other COVID-19 experts are welcome as well. Participants can ask questions and mention challenges and/or good practices.

List of webinars:

  • May 7th (Introducing FAIR data management in COVID-19 research)
  • June 8th (FAIR data in ZonMw’s COVID-19 research programme)  
  • June 18 (data resources) 
  • June 22 (pre registration)
  • June 25 (FAIR data)
  • June 30 (budget for FAIR data and open access)
  • July 6 (DMP and key items).

For the full program, links to participate in the webinar and recordings of all webinar sessions visit the Support and community building webinar page 


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