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Health-RI is a non-profit foundation registered under Dutch law. 

Supervisory Board

Chair: prof. dr. Hans (J.P.T.M.) van Leeuwen

Strategic Committee

Chair: prof. dr.Ronald (R.P.) Stolk

Service Access Board

Chair: prof. dr Frits (G.G.) Frits van Merode

Management Board

mr. drs. Leone (M. J.) Flikweert
dr. Ruben (R.G.) Kok
prof. dr Gerrit (G.A.) Meijer
prof. dr. Wiro (W.J. ) Niessen

The communities have an important role In the Health-RI governance. Each community is represented at a strategic and tactical level by a representative in the Science & Technology Board (STB) and the Community Board (CB) respectively.

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