Health-RI communities

The Health-RI network hosts various communities of people that either share similar interests, face common challenges or pursue the same goals. It is a core function of Health-RI to foster and facilitate these communities.

An important part of Health-RI’s activities is taking place within knowledge institutes and research infrastructural programs such as, Elixir and X-omics. These are all part of the common Health-RI network.

Within this Health-RI network two main type of communities can be discerned: thematic communities and local data infrastructure communities.

Thematic communities

Communities of experts sharing a specific interest in infrastructural themes e.g. imaging, multi-omics, biobanking et cetera. New thematical communities may emerge or will be created if needed. Some communities such as the Personal Health Train network, ELSI and Data Stewardship community are long established. Other communities will soon take further shape.

Health-RI foresees three levels of involvement in a community.

  1. Strategic alliances. Health-RI funding and participating in the community
  2. Special Interest Group (SIG) Health-RI providing secretarial support and facilitating meetings and a platform to share information
  3. Temporary working groups Health-RI providing support similar to SIG but for a shorter period of time.

Local data infrastructure communities

The health data infrastructure in each academic medical center or biomedical knowledge institute (such as NKI) can be viewed as a local Health-RI hub.

Health-RI will be connecting local data infrastructure communities to maximize mutual learning and alignment of efforts.

  • Amsterdamumc
  • Erasmus MC
  • LUMC
  • MUMC
  • NKI
  • Radboudumc
  • UMCG
  • UMCU
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