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Why a National Health Research Infrastructure?

The challenges of modern healthcare require integrated access to high-quality health data from scientific research, health care and individual people, including data from wearables. Data is now scattered across different domains on separate platforms and  difficult to find and access. Researchers and healthcare professionals often spend more time on logistics than on science, care or preventive measures.
It requires a broad spectrum of organizations to cross the border of their domain and start working together to solve this. Health-RI provides the environment to do so.

Health-RI activities support the role of the Netherlands in global healthcare and open opportunities for innovative companies. More specifically it is of benefit for:

  • Citizens: higher quality of healthcare, access to personalized health, more involvement in research and influence on research priorities
  • Researchers: easy use of IT tools and facilities. Faster access to better quality human samples, data & images. Sharing best practices will provide compliance by design with all regulations including ethical, legal and societal issues.
  • Research funders: more return on investment as Health-RI eliminates fragmentation of resources and duplication of efforts and improves data management, which will improve productivity and quality of health studies.
  • Care providers and health insurers will be able to support their clients better with personalized treatment.
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