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Data4LifeSciences (D4LS)

A research data infrastructure for University Medical Centres and their partners, facilitating data-handling. Providing easy access to high-end technology, quality assurance processes and development of expertise for researchers.

Handling research data responsibly is a huge task. The volume of research data has increased enormously and the requirements regarding privacy, the use and reuse of data have become increasingly strict. Research data must be collected, stored, processed, analysed, archived and shared with others.
These requirements exceed the capabilities of individual investigators and even those of individual university medical centres (UMCs). The UMCs therefore chose to approach this jointly: the infrastructure programme Data4lifesciences.

Data4lifesciences provided an integrated research data infrastructure. The University Medical Centres realized this in collaboration with many working groups and consortia. 

The Data4lifesciences programme committee was chaired by Hans van Leeuwen (Erasmus MC), Chris Polman (Vumc) and Marian Joëls (UMCG), and programme manager Jan-Willem Boiten (Lygature).

The activitities of Data4lifesciences have been incorporated in the Health-RI portfolio.

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