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The Netherlands X-Omics Initiative

The Netherlands X-omics Initative (X-omics, pronounce as CROSS-omics) is a National Roadmap Large-Scale Research Infrastructure. The project started September 2018 and will last for 10 years.

X-omics aims to establish a X-omics research infrastructure across the Netherlands, by combining technologies in the field of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and data analysis, integration & stewardship. With this infrastructure biomedical problems can be solved using an integrated approach (analysis of samples using the available omics technologies of the infrastructure).

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This infrastructure will be organized as a distributed network, consisting of a set of innovation cores and application nodes. The innovation cores will oversee and direct the technological progress in the different pillars genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and data analysis, integration & stewardship. The application nodes ensure scalable access and broad uptake of these technologies. The project is coordinated by Alain van Gool, Radboudumc.


Led by Edwin Cuppen, UMC Utrecht

The genomics pillar includes facilities at UMC Utrecht and Radboudumc that together have over 35 next generation sequencers ranging from high content Whole Genome Sequencers to high throughput lower content sequencers, combined with automation systems, HPC and analysis software.


Led by Albert Heck, Utrecht University

The proteomics pillar includes facilities at Utrecht University, Netherlands Cancer Institute and Radboudumc that together, in combination with the protein biomarker validation facilities at Erasmus MC and University of Groningen, have over 40 mass spectrometers, ranging from ultra-high resolution QTOF MS to high-throughput QqQ MS systems.


Led by Thomas Hankemeier, Leiden University

The metabolomics pillar includes facilities at Leiden University, LUMC, Erasmus MC and Radboudumc that together cover over 30 mass spectrometers, again ranging from high resolution to high throughput systems.

Data analysis, integration and stewardship

Led by Peter-Bram ‘t Hoen, Radboudumc

The data analysis, integration and stewardship pillar includes teams of data scientists and data stewards from Radboudumc, UMC Groningen, UMC Utrecht, Leiden University and LUMC, with expertise in the analysis and FAIRification of -omics data.

Access to X-omics research infrastructure

An overview of all equipment and services offered can be found in the X-omics brochure

Access to the X-omics facilities involved will be provided to researchers after getting in touch with our central helpdesk. Via this helpdesk researchers can get into contact with X-omics experts and get advice on a X-omics approach. In general, or on specific omics-related sample or data analysis challenges. Interaction via the helpdesk is mandatory before collection of samples and to optimize study design.

According to your question, our helpdesk assistant Crossy will refer you to the right facility. You can find Crossy at

You can contact the helpdesk for:

  • Research questions: expert assistance to help design your own X-omics experiment.
  • Outsourcing questions: analyses of samples in one of the facilities.
  • Technical questions: assistance with sample preparation and protocols.

Training and outreach

X-omics will have a strong focus on training and outreach and in this respect, will organize different types of events and activities in the coming years.

To support all researchers interested in X-omics, we will set up several training schools to educate about omics.

At least once a year. X-omics will organize a symposium to present the latest developments in the areas of X-omics. This festival will consist of a combination of lectures and interactive sessions.

Keep an eye on for the latest updates about all X-omics events.

X-omics community

The X-omics infrastructure is accessible to all researchers. X-omics is setting up a growing community to allow easy communication between users of the infrastructure.

The community will interact via:


This project was (partially) funded by NWO, project 184.034.019

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