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Focus meeting to kick-start Dutch cBioPortal community

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cBioPortal users and developers are invited to the first Dutch cBioPortal Focus meeting. The online event is organized by Health-RI, DTL and NKI and will be held on September 9th. It will be the first official cBioPortal community meeting and will help cBioPortal users and IT-developers to get the most out of their platform.

The cBioPortal platform is very popular for the visualisation and integrated analysis of clinical and complex molecular biology data. You may be familiar with the Dutch national cBioPortal hosted by Health-RI or a local cBioPortal within your own institute. The platform hosted in the US has nearly 300 public studies available. Because cBioPortal is an open source platform it allows researchers and developers to collaborate and add new functionality. Health-RI and DTL would like to initiate a close collaboration between users and developers in The Netherlands to harmonize their efforts and get the most out of cBioPortal in the long term.

The Dutch cBioPortal community would aim to:

  • share user stories, training materials, and best practices in the use of cBioPortal
  • establish a close-knit network of researchers and developers that contribute either use cases, or new/improved functionality to cBioPortal
  • create awareness of cBioPortal as a data-integration platform
  • work towards a single development roadmap, by combining expertise and resources
  • align with developing parties in the US to ensure that any NL developments will be sustainable in the future

Programme and registration for the cBioPortal focus meeting.

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