15 December 2017

Health-RI conference 2017: from plans to action

Last Friday, the third annual Health-RI conference took place in the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. More than 350 participants from both academia, industry, patient...
Press release
12 December 2017

Health-RI presents business plan to create one national infrastructure for personalized medicine & health research

On 8 December 2017, Health-RI presented its ambitious business plan during the annual conference.
08 December 2017

Health-RI presents business plan at annual conference

On 8 December 2017, Health-RI presented its ambitious business plan during the annual conference.
29 November 2017

Europe Biobank Week 2018: Biosharing for Scientific Discovery

Co-organised by BBMRI-ERIC and ESBB, Europe Biobank Week 2018 will take place in Antwerp, Belgium, from the 4 th until the 7 th September 2018.
16 November 2017

Imaging data as a biomarker resource

Precision medicine, facilitated by imaging data as a biomarker resource. Learn more at the Health-RI conference on 8 December 2017 in Utrecht. Hugo Aerts (...
01 November 2017

Science goes FAIR

What does FAIR Data mean in practice? How can you make your data FAIR? What novel science becomes possible when research data become more FAIR? Luiz Bonino and...
26 September 2017

Servicedesk ethiek en recht

ZonMw has granted funding for setting up a national service desk for Ethical, Legal and Societal Issues within the Personalized medicine program. (in Dutch)
23 September 2017

Bijeenkomst 10 jaar Parelsnoer

Op donderdag 23 november 2017 vindt de bijeenkomst "10 jaar Parelsnoer Instituut: Samen op weg naar een sprankelende toekomst" plaats. Het programma is bekend...
04 July 2017

Improving the legal framework for Dutch human tissue research

Research using human tissue specimens greatly contributes to a healthy and innovative research environment and optimal care for Dutch citizens. This requires...
29 June 2017

Health-RI stakeholder meeting

On June 29 th Health-RI organized the 2 nd stakeholder meeting with representatives from existing infrastructures, health-foundations, industry, healthcare...
03 May 2017

Published in Nature: Bridging the translational innovation gap through good biomarker practice

The value of biomarkers increased in the last decade: they are not only used to predict and detect a disease, but are playing a more crucial role in predicting...
02 March 2017

Health-RI Conference 2017

In order to get to a point where personalized medicine is no longer a dream, the different disciplines involved need to connect and collaborate. On 8 December...