06 December 2018

Predictive medicine – mining the matrix of omics and the environment

The upcoming Health-RI Conference session on the future of predictive P4 Medicine takes a look at the complex interactions that take place in the body in...
03 December 2018

To shared data stewardship with guidelines support

The revised version of the Handbook for Adequate Natural Data Stewardship (HANDS2.0) has been launched. All sections can assist you in drafting your data...
30 November 2018

Ethical, legal and social implications of preventative medicine

Preventative medicine is not without costs, and not just financial ones. Genetic testing, in particular, raises difficult questions. The upcoming Health-RI...
30 November 2018

Dutch Ministry of Health sees perspectives for FAIR and Personal Health Train to employ data to serve health

In close consultation of the health care and research field, Dutch Minister of Medical Care and Sports Bruno Bruins has developed a vision how data can be...
23 November 2018

Data, knowledge and tools for personalized therapy

At the upcoming Health-RI Conference (Jan 17, 2019) leading cancer researchers and data scientists show how data, knowledge and clinical decision support tools...
16 November 2018

Data management critical step in genomics research

Collecting and processing of genome data are still insufficiently standardized. A work guide for data management will be developed, to allow for Personalized...
18 October 2018

Cohort Counter

Are you interested in new developments in research data apps? Then join the Cohort Counter , in Hilversum on November 8th, 2018. It is part of the 10th Health...
16 October 2018

The Netherlands joins the Million European Genomes coalition

Dutch Minister of Medical Care and Sports, Mr. Bruno Bruins, has co-signed the European Declaration about the Million European Genomes initiative on behalf of...
16 October 2018

TraIT website and service desk available from health-ri.nl subdomain

Now, an obvious step has been made in the realization of the national and interconnected research infrastructure Health-RI is aiming at.
12 October 2018

Welcome to Leone Flikweert, new member of Health-RI Management Board

The Health-RI Business plan, launched December 8 th , 2017, is fully in the process of being executed. Now, the Health-RI Management Board has been...
21 September 2018

Enabling FAIR data management

MOLGENIS Research can help even non-bioinformaticians (!) enabling FAIR data management and is freely available.
20 September 2018

Prof. Cisca Wijmenga Lodewijk Sandkuijl Endowed Chair

At the Lodewijk Sandkuijl Symposium at University of Groningen on September 19, Prof. dr. Cisca Wijmenga, Scientific Director of BBMRI-NL 2.0, was inaugurated...