30 July 2018

See it, do it, teach it! - ELIXIR-NL course: Bioinformatics for Translational Medicine using Galaxy

Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for data-intensive biomedical research. On 17-19 October 2018, ELIXIR-NL and the BioSB research school will organize a...
27 July 2018

BBMRI-NL Workshop Report: sustainable infrastructure for sample/data collections

How to realize appropriate sustainability measures is one of the focal points of Health-RI. The Netherlands alone contains more than 240 sample infrastructures...
26 July 2018


Foundation Mijn Data Onze Gezondheid (MD|OG) is organizing an international conference to move forward citizen science in health.
18 July 2018

White Paper on self-measured data published

Recently, BBMRI-NL researchers published a White Paper on self-measured data and how researchers can ensure that self-measured data is usable. Private...
09 July 2018

Launch National Servicedesk Personalized Medicine

Today, the ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Societal Issues) Servicedesk is officially launched.
25 June 2018

Million European Genomes Alliance: the Netherlands should join

In April 2018, thirteen European countries signed a declaration of cooperation ‘towards access to at least one million sequenced genomes in the European Union...
12 June 2018

Save the date: 4th Health-RI conference!

We are pleased to announce that the 4th Health-RI conference will be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on Thursday, January 17, 2019.
07 June 2018

Community meeting (SIG) working group on Safe Data Linkage

On June 15, the second community meeting of the Special Interest Group (SIG) working group on Safe Data Linkage takes place in Utrecht.
28 May 2018

Meet us at the Benelux Precision Medicine Forum

It is an exciting time for healthcare. Many different parties work on the promise of a personalised approach to medicine. The strong life science industry...
25 May 2018

Hit the ground running in personalized medicine & health research

In its advisory report on Big Data in research involving personal data of May 15th, the KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) strongly advises...
17 May 2018

The next step in Health-RI

In 2018, Health-RI entered a new phase and builds an operational organization with a definitive governance in line with the businessplan. As part of this...
01 May 2018

DTL Focus meeting: Electronic Data Capture

On June 14, 2018, the NFU program Data4Lifesciences and the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences organise a workshop “Electronic Data Capture” in Utrecht.