07 December 2016

Collaborating on big data to unravel disease processes

Patients with the same illness often receive the same treatment, even if the cause of the illness is different for each person. Six Dutch universities are...
Press release
02 December 2016

Health-RI Conference 2016

Dutch Research Infrastructure to enable Personalized Medicine and Health research
25 November 2016

Digital Research Environment Service to be officially launched during the Health-RI conference 2016

A brand-new Research Infrastructure initiative will be launched during the Health-RI conference on December first. IT-service suppliers Vancis, MGRID and...
23 November 2016

Health-RI Conference – empowering personalized medicine and health research

Big data, effective infrastructures for collaboration, and digital technologies are three essential elements in helping to turn personalized medicine and...
18 November 2016

Interconnected national infrastructure for Personalized Medicine & Health research – movie

If we could predict disease course and treatment response based on biological factors, we could offer each of us a tailored treatment. This is called...
16 November 2016

Photo album online

The photos that photographer Thijs Rooimans made during the conference on 4 November are now online
16 November 2016

Unique conference on empowering personalised medicine and health research

Scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations create opportunities to tailor healthcare to the individual patient, personalised medicine. However, it...
09 November 2016

Poster competition: nearly a draw

The judges in the poster competition at EPM&HR2015 had a tough job deciding which poster was going to be number 1, but eventually they settled on this one...
08 November 2016

Creating a sustainable solution for personalised medicine & health – Call for posters

The Health-RI conference focuses on how to optimally prepare the Netherlands for implementation of personalized medicine and health for every Dutch citizen,...
03 November 2016

Abstractbook posters 2015

The conference ‘Empowering Personalized Medicine & Health Research – Connecting Researchers, Patients and Enabling Technologies’ looks at the...
02 November 2016

Health-RI for one interconnected national infrastructure for Personalized Medicine & Health research

Health-RI for one interconnected national infrastructure for Personalized Medicine & Health research
31 October 2016

Personalized medicine @BNR Gezond

On Saturday 31 October, BNR Gezond featured an item on personalized medicine.