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Collections of samples, data and biobanks in the Netherlands.

The catalogue gives an overview of a large set of sample collections, data collections, studies and biobanks in the Netherlands. All data and samples are available to order for further research.

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The Catalogue  is a database that can be searched for available health data, sample, and image collections. Information for each biobank, cohort, registry or databank includes contact details of the coordinator and the conditions for the request and use of the data and materials.


Catalogue will help researchers to:

  • Get an overview of most Dutch bio- and data banks
  • Find collections that share certain characteristics, like the presence of certain biomaterials, the involvement of one or more institutes / researchers, the focus on a specific (type of) disorder, etc.
  • Assess the data in an aggregated form to get an overview of how many collections share the same characteristics.
  • Identify data and samples for inclusion in their research, based on basic characteristics such as sex, age and type of disease.
  • Gather large datasets and conduct individual-participant data meta-analyses.

Increase the visibility of your collection

Collections in Catalogue are easy to find for researchers all across Europe as the content of Catalogue is also made available through the BBMRI-ERIC biobank directory.

Collection coordinators can apply for inclusion of their collection in Catalogue.

  • Enter details about your collection to the BBMRI-Catalogue form 
  • Send it to the Service Desk.
  • The Service Desk will help you get the data listed in Catalogue. 

If you want to publish your data in Catalogue automatically, please follow the instructions in the ‘data integration manual’.

Complementary services
The Request Portal Podium facilitates the process of requesting data and samples.

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Getting Started

Please visit the catalogue website. A search in the Catalogue can be performed in two ways:

  1.  Search on keyword in the search field (e.g. DNA or Longitudinal)
  2.  Through the wizard that helps you build complex searches with multiple search conditions.

To identify the contact person of an organization, perform an advanced search:
Go to "Data item selection” and check “Organizational structure”, click on the name in the “Contact person” column.

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Further information

For more information on’s Catalogue, contact:

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It’s the catalog-of-catalogs for biological and clinical biosamples and data. It makes finding samples and data much easier, and if you find it’s already there you don’t have to start your own collection of samples or your data cohort.

Prof. Dr. Morris A Swertz

Increase your visibility by adding your collections to the catalog. Our support team is ready for your collections, don’t wait too long!

Aneas Hodselmans, datamanager
Datatypes Biosample Data
Research Process Access to Data & Samples
Status Mature
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