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CBS, Statistics Netherlands

The national statistical office, Statistics Netherlands (CBS), provides reliable statistical information and data to produce insight into social issues.

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Authorised institutions can conduct their own research using microdata sets of Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Microdata are linkable data at the level of individuals, companies and addresses, which can be made available to researchers under strict conditions for statistical research. The complete results of your research must be made directly available to interested parties, as a rule at no charge.

It is possible to link your own datasets with data from CBS, provided that both the acquisition of such datasets and the delivery thereof to CBS are legitimate. CBS will carry out anonymisation of your datasets and create the link with the relevant CBS microdata.

The following organisations may be granted access to CBS microdata:

  • Dutch universities.
  • Institutes for scientific research.
  • Organisations for policy advice or policy analysis.
  • Statistical authorities in other EU countries.
  • Other research institutions authorised to work with the microdata.  

If your organisation does not have authorisation to work with the microdata, an application can be made. At least the following conditions must be met:

  1. The primary mission of your institution (or the relevant part thereof) is to conduct statistical or scientific research.
  2. You will publish the results of your research.
  3. Your institution has a good name and reputation.

Foreign institutions should preferably have working relations with a Dutch authorised institution.

Publication of results

The results of research, based on CBS-microdata, have to be made available for interested parties at no cost. All publications based on research with microdata should acknowledge CBS. References to the publication should be sent to CBS within 4 weeks after publication.

Examples of how CBS microdata have been used in the past can be seen in the list of publications based on CBS microdata and details on acknowledgment of CBS (in Dutch).

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Getting Started

Your organisation can apply for authorisation to work with the microdata with the Application form for organisations.
If your organisation is authorised to work with microdata you can apply to start a project by filling out the Application form research project.

The microdata of CBS can be analyzed from any secure workplace via a secure Internet connection (Remote Access). To do so, you will receive a personal token on loan. You will only have access to the data which are needed for your research.

Tupload your own datasets and link these with CBS microdata, CBS will provide a secured working environment in which you can store draft versions, syntaxes and output. All the microdata will remain in this secured CBS environment.

Exporting information from the secured environment requires the use of the export folder. If you wish to export (draft) results from the secured environment, CBS will check whether your results do not contain any disclosure risk. More details can be found in the CBS output guidelines.

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Please mail with accountmanagers at CBS:

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Further information


A fee will be charged for working with CBS microdata. The fees depend on the number of participating researchers, the number of dataset subjects and the duration of the project, among others. More information in the CBS service catalogue.

Participants of ODISSEI may be eligible for compensation of the costs for Microdata research, using the microdata arrangement.

The brochure 'Your research Our data' provides information about CBS services and associated costs in a more concise and accessible way. 

The service catalogue and the brochure Your research Our data can be found on the CBS website

For more information, and to discuss the options for your research and facilitate your project, please contact CBS Microdata Services

User Guide care registries (in Dutch) describes the available health and health care microdata files based on registries.

Overview of institutions allowed to work with CBS-microdata and institutes that are or have been working with CBS microdata. (in Dutch)

CBS microdata are key to evaluating how healthcare reforms and medical innovations work out in practice.

Pieter Bakx, Universitair docent, Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management
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CBS microdata gives us new opportunities to evaluate long-term safety of medical treatments.

Christel de Blok M.D. and Ph.D. candidate, Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc
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