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Data Stewardship Wizard

Easily create comprehensive data management plans

Data Stewardship Wizard is a simple and powerful tool for researchers and data stewards to build Data Management Plans. It helps to get a grip on good, FAIR-oriented Data Stewardship and get assistance from experts.

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The Data Stewardship Wizard guides researchers and data stewards to a high quality Data Management Plan that complies with the FAIR principles. A logical and effective flowchart reduces the risk of forgetting important details in data management. Data management professionals can use the DS Wizard as a check list.

With links to content of Barend Mons' book on data stewardship, external resources and a facility where data stewards can share knowledge by giving feedback. Data stewards can add their own resources and new areas of expertise.

The importance of a good Data Management Plan
A Data management Plan (DMP) defines the data that will be generated in a research project and describes the plan for managing and sharing the data.

  • It saves time and money. A DMP helps to predict the required technical expertise for your research. Handling of digital data can take a considerable part of the total budget of a life science research project.
  • It avoids potential struggles in projects like not being able to reproduce results exactly, not knowing what the latest version is or where specific data is stored.
  • It ensures that research data are secured, efficiently annotated, and stored safely. A reduced risk of data loss or data theft. Annotation ensures that data acquisition is transparent and clear to everyone. This way, data can be used and re-used in other research projects different topics or even in another research field.
  • It is often mandatory for receiving grants from International funding organisations.

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Getting Started

Register for DSW and start a demo of DSW to try the features or download and run your own instance.

Anonymous users can use the Questionnaire Demo. This example Data Stewardship Planner does not allow to save or export the answers.

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For more information and support contact Dr Rob Hooft

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Further information

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DTL has developed a Data Stewardship Wizard in collaboration with colleagues from the Czech ELIXIR node. Development was funded in part by an ELIXIR implementation study. 

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