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Course on regulations and organization of clinical research

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The eBROK® course will help you to fulfil all the requirements of the BROK® certification. In university medical centers in The Netherlands only researchers with a BROK® certificate are allowed to conduct studies that are subject to the Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act. The eBROK® course is also open for researchers in other organisations.

Every researcher must meet strict requirements set by the legislator for the conduct of medical research. In the eBROK® you learn everything about the laws and regulations, organization and implementation of clinical research.

Many pharmaceutical companies and the Dutch Health and Youth Care inspectorate accept eBROK® as the standard course on laws and regulations concerning medical research involving human subjects.

The new eBROK® is available in Dutch and English and contains innovative exercise material, videos, animations and interactive subject matter, carefully designed with the help of experts from the professional field. 

eBROK® in Dutch eBROK® in English

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Further information

The eBROK® has been developed in close collaboration with Elevate.

Datatypes Clinical Imaging Data, Clinical Research Data
Research Process Access to Data & Samples, Analysis, Data generation, Define Research Question, Experimental Design, Improvement of Research/Care, Translation & Dissemination
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