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Guidance and answers to the ethical, legal and social implications of research on personalised medicine and next generation sequencing

Life science professionals, policymakers and patients are faced with ethical, legal and social questions around Personalized Medicine research. The ELSI Servicedesk website and ELSI experts answer frequently asked questions. On the helpdesk one of the ELSI experts will answer questions.

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In Personalized or Precision medicine, treatments are more focused on individual persons or patients and their unique characteristics and disease. Expectations are high, but there are many uncertainties. Moreover, there are numerous ethical, legal and societal implications. For example regarding handling large amounts of human tissue and genetic data: how can researchers guarantee data protection and ensure privacy? The ELSI Servicedesk helps to answer questions on these topics.

The ELSI Servicedesk is written in Dutch and designed to answer questions from researchers, caregivers, patient advocates and policy makers. Questions can be asked in English as well.

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Getting Started

Visit the ELSI Servicedesk and check the frequently asked questions for your query. If you cannot find an answer on the website you can:

Mail your question to the ELSI Helpdesk.

If your question cannot be answered directly, your question is passed on to the ELSI expert team. The ELSI Servicedesk aims to provide an answer to your specific question within two weeks..

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Further information

The ELSI Servicedesk is coordinated by the Netherlands Cancer Institute and was initiated by BBMRI-NL and Federa-COREON.
It has been made possible by ZonMw, Zilveren Kruis, and the Dutch Cancer Society through funding by the ‘Goed Gebruik Geneesmiddelen’ research program Personalized Medicine project 846003101.

The ELSI Servicedesk helps researchers to find information on procedures for responsible use of residual material and medical data in research.

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