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Jupyter Notebooks

Making data analyses easier. Store, share and reproduce data analyses. Quick insight into your data analyses and disseminate research results fast.

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Jupyter is an interactive web application for creating documents (notebooks) that contain formatted text, comparisons, visualisations and computer code that can be executed to create streaming applications and dashboards.

Jupyter Notebooks 

  • Are expandable with a variety of plug-ins for data visualisation, high performance computing simulations, dashboards and automatic test scoring.
  • Support various programming languages.
  • are easy to share with others
  • can be used as a user interface for big data frameworks, databases and computer clusters like Apache Spark.
  • open source.
  • accessible from any browser

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Getting Started

Jupyter is an optional SURF service., Surf members can use Jupyter without additional costs.

Using Jupyter Notebook through SURF offers you these advantages: 

  • SURFsara automatically deploys a notebook environment for all registered users (researchers, students, and teachers).
  • Jupyter Notebook is a multi-user environment that allows for easy data sharing. Institutes select who gets access. 
  • Researchers and teachers have access to the SURF technical helpdesk.


Further information:
Tel.: +31 20 800 13 00


Type Service
Status Mature
Origin Surf
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