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A modular web application for scientific data. Flexible data integration platform to find, capture, exchange, manage and analyse scientific data.

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Molgenis helps to find, capture, exchange, manage and analyse and exploit the large amounts of data that is being produced by scientific organisations. It is a fully customizable and scalable software infrastructure that offers the possibility to plug-in your own (bioinformatics) scripts.

The MOLGENIS software package will help setting up an online database application, making your data query-able and allowing you to share your data with collaborators. Enabling to store, edit, analyse, and share your data.

Molgenis provides the following features:

  • Structured data management
  • FAIR data sharing
  • Secure access
  • Scripting & visualisation
  • Harmonization & integration: Make your data interoperable with multiple FAIRification tools.
  • Task automation
  • Questionnaires: Use the questionnaire tool to ask for individuals input.
  • Extreme customization: Change data structure, menus, logic and layout.
  • App development platform: Add your own user interfaces to the app store.
  • High performance computing

Molgenis evolved from research in molecular genetics and is now a broadly applicable data tool. It is used in scientific areas such as biobanking, rare disease research, patient registries by organisations worldwide.

The tools are used for research support, next-generation sequencing, multi-omics research, biobanking, genome diagnostics, infrastructure and publishing your data.

Examples of Molgenis applications are:

  • FAIR data catalogues
  • Interoperability service
  • High performance computing (HPC) - for big data analysis pipelines
  • Standardised and validated DNA & RNA pipelines
  • Imputation service
  • BioBank Connect

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Getting Started

Molgenis is open source and free. The software can be accessed at

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For general advice or to discuss the best solution for you, please mail our helpdesk to contact our data stewards:

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Further information

Molgenis is open source and can be used free of charge. A tailored solution, a management Molgenis environment or data management support, can be provided as well, for a fee.

The Molgenis team developed extensive expertise on FAIR data management and big data analysis. The Molgenis team can be contacted for general data stewardship questions on bioinformatics methods & tools, and training courses.

In case you want us to host your Molgenis or provide data management support, please send a mail to:

Esther van Enckevort

We analyse next-generation sequencing data for you

Esther van Enckevort - Technical Project Lead at UMCG
Datatypes Biosample Data, Experimental Data
Research Process Access to Data & Samples, Analysis, Data generation, Translation & Dissemination
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