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Parelsnoer Clinical Biobanks

Parelsnoer is a collaborative biobanking initiative of the University Medical Centres (UMCs) in the Netherlands. Offering researchers an infrastructure and harmonized procedures for the establishment, expansion and optimisation of clinical biobanks for collaborative scientific research.

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The Parelsnoer Clinical Biobanks host clinical data, human biomaterial and/or images of carefully documented patients suffering from 19 closely defined clinical conditions, ranging from inflammatory, cardiovascular and neurological conditions, malignancies to rare disorders. These are collected and stored locally in the UMCs in a uniform manner. In certain cases, data are collected in collaboration with general hospitals. Together, the data collections form a federated infrastructure, a large cohort enabling broader scientific research.

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Organisation of Parelsnoer
The Parelsnoer infrastructure is well equipped for health research that requires multi-institutional collection of clinical data, human biomaterial and/or images. What makes the Parelsnoer design special is the federated data infrastructure and the procedures for the standardized collection, pre-analysis, storage and distribution of human biomaterials at site.

Parelsnoer enables the combination of scientific research and high quality health care. To support the development of scientific knowledge and new treatments that improve health care and disease prevention.

The UMCs participate in Parelsnoer on two platforms that assist the UMCs with challenges that exceed the possibilities of an individual UMC. One platform for IT/data and one focused at biobanking. 

Parelsnoer Biobanken

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Getting Started

Setting up a clinical biobank

Parelsnoer supports researchers setting up a clinical biobank for collecting and storing data, bodily material and images.

Further information about starting to participate in Parelsnoer with a clinical biobank (in Dutch), or send an email to

Providing access to data and materials

Parelsnoer also supports researchers in their efforts to provide access to the data and materials in the clinical biobanks for research purposes.

Further information about providing access to the data and materials (in Dutch)

Datatypes Biosample Data, Clinical Imaging Data, Clinical Research Data, Digital Pathology Data, Experimental Data
Research Process Access to Data & Samples
Type Collection
Origin PSI
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