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A portal to request samples, images and data. 

A single online point of entry for researchers to request samples, images and data from multiple national health registries, health databases, image archives and biobanks.

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Researchers can use Podium to request  samples, data or images from repositories, biobanks and registries they located using Catalogue.

Podium facilitates linking data by allowing researchers to request linked data, samples and images on subject-level across biobanks and registries.

Biobanks, organizations and National Health Registries can manage their own ‘in house’ requests as well as linked requests.  

The current version of Podium includes: PALGA, PHARMO, BIOS, GoNL, CAPACITY, the NELSON study, ILD Biobank and Parelsnoer. More registries, biobanks, image archives, cohorts and data are being added continuously. 

Podium is maintained and serviced by the Health-RI Service desk. Please contact the Health-RI Servicedesk with questions regarding Podium, to add your organization, biobank or registry to Podium or to create an account. You can also request a demo of Podium at your organization.


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Getting Started

No specific training is necessary.

To make requests in Podium and follow their status you need to create an account at first visit.

Biobanks and registries who want to make use of Podium as their request management system, can contact the Health-RI Service desk for more information. You can ask for a demo of Podium at your organization.

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Further information

More information can be found in the Podium Manual 
For support contact : 

Podium is open source, license information can be found here.
Podium was developed within WP4 and WP5 of BBMRI-NL in collaboration with The Hyve

Datatypes Biosample Data, Clinical Imaging Data, Clinical Research Data, Digital Pathology Data
Research Process Access to Data & Samples
Type Service
Status Mature
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