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'Zorggegevens' provides an overview of all health- and healthcare registrations in the Netherlands with the aim to prevent duplication of data collection.

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    The 'Zorggegevens' metadatabase gives an overview of organizations that collect data about public health and healthcare in the Netherlands. These are healthcare registers, patient registers, questionaires, monitors, long-term (cohort) studies and other studies that produce data suitable for reuse.

    The metadatabase contains information about who is collecting which data, for what purpose, who is funding, and where the data is used for. The information is aimed for use by health care professionals, researchers, policymakers and students.

    Data sources can be searched on metadata such as ‘category’, ‘medical specialty’ etc. The results will link to data sheets of the specific datasource.



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    Getting Started

    Search the Zorggegevens metadatabase
    Search within the codebooks of data sources

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    For more information and support contact:

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