Terms of Use Health-RI servicedesk

Generic Terms of Use for TraIT-Health-RI tools and Services by End Users

1) The use of any software provided by TraIT as part of its services is subject to the terms and conditions of the third party license agreements applicable to the relevant software as made available through the TraIT website.

2) The TraIT services may be used solely for research that complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

3) Users shall keep all user IDs, passwords and other means of access to the TraIT account within its possession or control and shall keep those confidential and secure from unauthorised access or use.

4) If user becomes aware of any unauthorized use of a password or the TraIT account, user will notify TraIT as promptly as possible.

5) User will not use the TraIT services to identify the individuals who are data subjects.

6) Do NOT use any of the services if the safety of data subjects depends directly on the uninterrupted, and error free availability of the services at all times, or the compatibility or operation of the services with all hardware and software configurations.

7) Within the context of a study, the principal investigator is responsible for:

  • Verification of the identity of users and delegates;
  • Order assignment and withdrawal of access authorizations for users and delegates;
  • Informing users and delegates about the responsible handling of study data.

8) Within the context of a study, users may only use TraIT services as per instructions of the study’s principal investigator, specifically:

Data-up and downloads to and from TraIT services shall only be executed in accordance with the study conditions and with the consent of the principal investigator.

9) TraIT services are detailed and updated in the TraIT Service Catalogue, which are made available through the TraIT website.

10) TraIT services are offered on a Fair Use basis and with a Freemium Pricing Strategy. The relevant policies are made available through the TraIT website.

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