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Workshops on delivering FAIR metadata for COVID-19 data portal

The Dutch research community and health care system are generating much COVID-19 related data. Health-RI and the GO FAIR foundation are developing a portal together with ZonMw that will help researchers find and reuse this data. Access to COVID-19 related data is essential in developing optimal ways of preventing the disease, treating patients and managing the impact of the pandemic for society.

Collaborating on COVID-19 Data Portal

ZonMw funded projects are required to collaborate with Health-RI and Go-FAIR by delivering FAIR (meta)data towards the national platform. Health-RI is organising a series of workshops with ZonMw and the GO-FAIR Foundation to guide researchers and data stewards in developing the COVID FAIR data services and portal.

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    Information sessions


    September 16, September 23 and September 25


    This workshop was aimed at Project Leads and Project Data Stewards. During the workshop we covered:

    • goals of ZonMw COVID FAIR data services,
    • ZonMw expectations from funded projects,
    • how funded projects will collaborate with ZonMw COVID FAIR data services team to:
           * deliver metadata of their projects
           * make the metadata available through a central find and request portal

    Recordings and slides

    • Session of September 25th 2020​​​​​​ recording
      Margreet Bloemers (ZonMw), Mijke Jetten (DTL/Health-RI), Jeroen Beliën (Amsterdam UMC, loc. VUmc), Erik Schultes (GO FAIR Foundation), Rita Azevedo (Lygature/Health-RI) 

           * (0.00.00) Introduction to the webinar - Rita Azevedo
           * (0.02.13) Introduction to Support & community building; discussion with participants – Mijke Jetten
           * (0.17.22) Agenda of today’s webinar – Rita Azevedo
           * (0.19.30) ZonMw’s requirements and FAIR data practices - Margreet Bloemers
           * (0.33.30) Q&A, discussion
           * (0.45.05) National Data Portal – Jeroen Beliën 
           * (1.05.20) Q&A, discussion
           * (1.07.30) The three point-FAIRification Framework in ZonMw’s projects – Erik Schultes
           * (1.38.20) Q&A, discussion
           * (1.41.00) Agenda of workshops and training for FAIR data – enrolment in subgroups – Rita Azevedo
           * (1.56.03) End of meeting
    • Slide decks:
           * Summary workshops
           * ZonMw background
           * The COVID FAIR data portal
           * FAIR metadata standards
    • Overall minutes


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    Data Stewards Metadata For Machines (M4M) workshop preparation


    Part 1 - October 7 (14:00-18:00 CEST) and
    Part 2 - October 8 (08:00-12:00 CEST)


    This 2-part workshop was aimed at Project Data Stewards. During the workshop we trained data stewards in the format of a Metadata For Machines (M4M) workshop:

    • Together with M4M workshop specialist
    • “Train the trainer” preparation for the project M4M workshops

    The format of an M4M workshop is simple: domain experts (researchers) are teamed up with FAIR metadata experts to create reusable domain-specific, machine-actionable metadata schema that describe their scientific data. Until now, M4M workshops have been delivered by GO FAIR. In the COVID Program, GO FAIR will this time train COVID Program data stewards to run the M4M Workshops on behalf of the COVID Program researchers. In other words, the data stewards will become FAIR metadata experts and M4M workshop facilitators.

    The M4M Training in October consisted of presentations that give an overview of FAIR, M4M workshops and the COVID Program. These were followed by around 6 hours of hand-on introductory exercises that leverage a metadata authoring platform called CEDAR (after the Center for Expanded Data Annotation and Retrieval). You can get a brief preview in this video: Making Metadata with CEDAR (short)

    The skills learned in this M4M Training, although in the context of COVID research, are fundamental to good data stewardship in general, and therefore not only apply to all subdisciplines in the COVID-programme of ZonMw, but are transferable to other research disciplines. Hence, it is intended that this training will kick start an up-scaling of FAIR metadata knowhow in The Netherlands so that ZonMW can make FAIR data a more systemic part of its research requirements in future research calls. 

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    Project M4M workshops and Portal requirement gathering


    6 cluster M4M workshops will be planned.
    There are 8 possible dates in November (4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 23, 24), all at 12:00-17:00 (possibly 18:00) CEST

    Upon invitation, but add your cluster preference and availability via this webform.



    This workshop is aimed at Project Leads and Project Data Stewards.

    • Clusters have been created per proposed data domain
    • Per cluster, Project Leads and Data Stewards will work together on FAIR metadata schemas for their specific subject areas
    • Including a breakout session to gather project requirements for Find and Request Portal
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    Community Q&A sessions


    Mondays 15:00-16:00
    Join Zoom Meeting:
    Meeting ID: 974 1539 9025


    This Q&A session is aimed at anyone from ZonMw COVID funded projects and will offer answers to questions on ZonMw COVID FAIR data services project:

    • Experts will be available weekly in freely walk-in remote sessions
    • Any question is welcome, please take advantage of these sessions
    • If experts can’t answer, your question will be forwarded
    The Questions and Answers from these sessions are publicly available. You can also add your questions to the document so that they can be discussed in the next session. 

For more information on the workshops, please contact the COVID-19 health data portal project leads 

More information on the COVID-19 Health Data Portal

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