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Architecture & IT Community

The Architecture & IT community will design the building plan (i.e., reference architecture) of the health data sharing IT infrastructure in collaboration with other Health-RI communities.

The building plan consists of the building blocks crucial for managing the entire study and data lifecycles, high quality data stewardship, as well as guidelines that facilitate data sharing.Examples of building blocks are data capture software, a virtual workspace, and data storage facilities.

The community will make an inventory of existing facilities and guidelines at the relevant institutions and organizations and investigate what is needed to make them compatible. This is fundamental to facilitate health data sharing between institutions and organizations. The work is theoretical in nature: the actual development and implementation of the building blocks is performed by other Health-RI communities.

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Contact the Architecture & IT community manager to learn more about the community or if you want to contribute.

What I like about our community in particular, is that we work on actual problems and build bridges between communities to facilitate health research in this digital, data-driven era.

Dr. Jeroen Beliën


Researchers use IT services to capture, process, analyse, preserve, give access to and reuse health data. To be able to work with health data, Health care professionals require the same facilities. Implementing this technology requires planning, design and structure.

Organizations working with health data have all developed their own IT solutions and guidelines to support their staff; the so-called ‘enterprise architecture’. These solutions usually work well within the organization, but are rarely compatible, hampering collaborations and data sharing.

The fragmented landscape of IT solutions and guidelines makes it very difficult to combine health data across institutions and organizations, which is essential to provide personalised healthcare. By harmonizing the architecture across institutions, the architecture & IT community can pave the way to make solutions compatible, thus facilitating health data sharing, collaborations and accelerating health research.

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The Architecture & IT community is open; people interested in contributing are invited to participate.

The roots of the community are in the Data4lifesciences programme of the NFU. Experts from several UMCs are involved. Health-RI endeavours to open the community to all institutions and organizations that work with health data, to allow efficient collaborations across disciplines.

Mode of operation & governance structure

Our governance structure is based on the Data4lifesciences structure but is currently being revised. We foresee possibly three drivers and multiple special interest groups each focusing on specific topics.
The Architecture & IT community will connect existing communities. The community explicitly works demand-driven.

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