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Generic Policy for Access to and Sharing of COVID-19 Data

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Health-RI and the NFU have published a data access policy to support the rapid and efficient secondary use of COVID-19 related data collected by Dutch medical centres in line with applicable laws, regulations and ethical principles.

Many data are being collected in the context of COVID-19 observational studies which are based on data from clinical practice and diagnostics. Sharing of these data between health care practitioners and researchers is essential for rapid progress in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. It also requires great care to protect the rights and privacy of the patients involved. The present policy provides a standard data access procedure for observational data collections within Dutch hospitals. It enables efficient processing of data access requests for COVID-19 research with full protection of the patients’ rights.

Generic Policy for Access to and Sharing of COVID-19 Data

This Policy has to be used in conjunction with the appropriate “Template – Data Sharing Agreement” of the Netherlands Federation of UMCs, which you can find on the website of the ELSI Service desk.

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