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Health-RI facilitating COVID-19 research

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Health-RI launched the Dutch COVID-19 Data Support Programme. To support investigators and health care professionals with tools and services in their search for ways to overcome the pandemic and its health consequences. 

In response to the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) local research actions are taking place across the world. Several initiatives have started to connect these data in a federated network of data resources on COVID-related research and care data.  

Health-RI, the Dutch national initiative to facilitate and stimulate an integrated health data infrastructure, is facilitating COVID-19 research by connecting communities, providing data services and tools and presenting an overview of COVID-19 related initiatives.

Dutch COVID-19 Data Support Programme

Call for COVID-19 data initiatives 

 To make collaborations easier and prevent fragmented research, Health-RI is actively collecting starting and ongoing COVID-19 related initiatives.

Submit your initiative   Overview of COVID-19 related initiatives

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